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Leading Manufacturer of chunky knitting yarn from Jaipur.
  • Chunky Knitting Yarn
  • Chunky Knitting Yarn
  • Chunky Knitting Yarn
  • Chunky Knitting Yarn
  • Chunky Knitting Yarn
Chunky Knitting Yarn

Chunky Knitting Yarn

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Kg

No. Of PlyKnitted
Usage/ApplicationArt and Craft
MaterialSpun Poly
Packaging TypeRoll
Chunky Knitted CordIntroduction

If you are looking for a way to add a little extra warmth to your wardrobe this winter, then chunky knitted cord is the perfect solution. It’s easy to make and super easy to wear! If you have any questions about this project or just want to chat with other crafters who love knitting, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or contact me privately through my contact page.

Chunky Knitted Cord

Chunky Knitted Cord is a great option for those who want to add a little bit of texture to their projects. It's made using a thicker yarn, so it creates more of an obvious pattern than other options.

Jumbo cord and Chunky Knitted Cord are similar products. Jumbo cord has the same stitch as chunky knitted cord and is made with the same materials (usually acrylic or polyester). The difference between them is how they're used: jumbo cord is used primarily in place of ribbon because it's sturdier and less likely to fray or unravel, while chunky knitted cord can be used anywhere you would normally use ribbons or braids.

Chunky Yarn

Chunky yarn is a thicker version of bulky yarn. It's thicker than worsted, but not as thick as Aran or Bulky. It can be used to make chunky knitted cord, which is useful for jewelry, purses and more!

Bulky Yarn

Bulky Yarn

Bulky yarn is thicker than worsted, sport and dk. It's also thicker than chunky, aran and bulky. A good rule of thumb is to consider a yarn bulky if it's more than twice as thick as your standard worsted-weight yarn. For example: a bulky weight yarn is at least 4 times the thickness of your average worsted weight yarn. To put this in context:

To give you an idea of how you can use bulky-weight yarns in your projects, here are some examples:

  • To make a super warm scarf that'll keep you warm on cold winter mornings – try knitting with two strands of chunky wool together (this will give you an extra thick scarf!)

  • For those who don't like doing fine detail work with their hands – try knitting with very thick wool instead!

jumbo Cord

Jumbo cord is a type of yarn. It is also sometimes referred to as chunky yarn. Jumbo cord is a thick, bulky yarn made from thick fibers. Jumbo cord can be used for making items like hats and scarves.

Find out about chunky knitted cord!

Chunky knitted cord is a thick, bulky yarn that is used to make chunky knitting cords. These are thick and bulky pieces of yarn that can be used for various projects such as scarves, hats, blankets and more.

The process of making chunky knitting cords is similar to regular knitting. You will use the same stitches but with thicker needles which allow you to knit faster and make bigger projects in less time!


As we have seen, chunky knitted cord is a great choice for making scarves, hats, and other accessories. Whether you want to make something as simple as a hat or as complex as a blanket, this is one material that will help you achieve your goal.

Additional Information:

  • Production Capacity: 1000
  • Delivery Time: 7
  • Packaging Details: Roll

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