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Jute Rope

Our range of products include 4 mm jute rope.
  • 4 mm Jute Rope
  • 4 mm Jute Rope
  • 4 mm Jute Rope
  • 4 mm Jute Rope
4 mm Jute Rope

4 mm Jute Rope

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Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Kg

Diameter1mm to 20 mm
Strand Structure3 Ply
ColorLight Brown
Usage/ ApplicationHandicraft Use
Length50 m
Country of OriginMade in India
Rope TypeTwisted
Grade IndexPure Grade
Packaging TypeRoll
Jute Rope for CraftIntroduction

Jute Rope is a natural fiber made from the stem of the jute plant. It has been used for centuries by cultures around the world to create durable and strong rope. Jute ropes are popular for making crafts, such as baskets, furniture and jewelry. They also have many uses in clothing and toys. In fact, you can even use jute rope to make a hammock!

Premium Quality Jute Rope

Jute rope is a natural fibre rope made from the plant Jute. It is durable and eco-friendly, making it suitable for many purposes, such as making bags, furniture and carpets. Jute Rope has been used since ancient times to make ropes of various sizes and strengths. Today, you can find jute products in many shapes and forms that can be useful in your home or workplace.

The fibers that are used to make these ropes are strong enough to withstand tension or pressure without breaking or fraying over time. They do not stretch much when subjected to force due to their low elasticity index value (EI).

Braided, Twisted , Knitted , Fancy Jute Rope

Jute rope is one of the most versatile DIY products available. Jute rope is made from jute fiber, which is a natural vegetable fiber. It's used in a variety of industries to make products such as bags, belts, and rugs.

As with many other types of craft projects, there are tons of different ways you can use this versatile material. You can tie it into knots or weave it into braided ropes that look great as wall decorations or hanging light fixtures in your home!

Jute rope comes in three different types: Braided - Twisted - Knitted and Fancy

2000 Meters to 200000 Meters

We produce jute rope in two different size ranges, 1 mm to 20 mm and 2000 meters to 200000 meters.

You can get your jute rope dyed in any pantone color you want!

1 mm to 20 mm Size

1 mm to 20 mm Size:

Available in Sizes 1 mm to 20 mm Braided, Twisted , Knitted and Fancy Jute Rope.

Any Pantone Color

You can choose from any  color. That's the great thing about this project. You have complete control over your jute rope color scheme, and you don't need to worry about matching colors or trends! This is an easy project for beginners who want to get started with weaving, but it’s also a fun way for experienced weavers to experiment with new materials and techniques.

Uses Of Jute Rope

Jute is a plant fiber that can be made into a variety of products. It has been used for thousands of years, and is still one of the most popular natural fibers in use today.

Jute rope is used in making bags, shoes, clothes and carpets. It is also used to make paper. The manufacture of ropes, twines and cords from jute has been an important industry since ancient times. It provides an alternative when cotton crops fail because it can be grown on soils not suitable for other food crops or cash crops such as coffee or tea.[1] Jute fiber from plants grown in India have different properties than those grown elsewhere; the Indian variety has finer fibers with higher strength but lower durability.[2][3][4]

Burlap bags are made out of jute cloth woven by hand onto frames called “baskets” with each thread going through both sides before being pulled tight into knots on both ends which then become loose threads after washing them several times until they reach their final size needed to hold whatever product needs protecting from damage during transport/storage: seeds; cornmeal etc...


Jute rope is a product that has been made using jute fibres. It is very strong and durable, as well as flexible. Its natural colour can also make it perfect for use in various situations where you may need a strong but colourful alternative to other types of rope or string. We hope that this article has helped explain why so many people choose jute rope over others when it comes time to buy their next length of tying material!

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